Ms. Marlo Anderson

Ms. Marlo Anderson is a Finance Manager at CGHPI. Ms. Anderson brings over 25 years of dynamic experience in finance to CGHPI, joining from the University of Washington, where she held pivotal roles for nearly a decade. Notably, she served as the Director of Finance at the International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH). Ms. Anderson’s expertise spans various facets of finance, including Budget Administration, Fiscal Policy Development, and navigating complex Federal and International Compliance Regulations, notably with CDC and HRSA.

Ms. Anderson’s tenure at I-TECH underscores her proficiency in Strategic Planning and Implementation, adeptly managing Federal, State, and Private Awards, including those from Gates and other prominent organizations. Ms. Anderson excels in translating intricate financial data into actionable insights for Executives and Stakeholders, demonstrating her knack for clear communication and strategic alignment. Moreover, she is recognized for her leadership prowess, fostering team growth, enhancing productivity, and spearheading innovative programs and procedures to streamline operations.

Ms. Anderson’s forte lies in implementing robust financial systems, fortifying internal controls, and driving cost-saving process improvements. Her multifaceted skill set extends to Risk Assessment, Regulatory Compliance, Talent Acquisition, and Goal Achievement. As a mentor and coach, she is committed to nurturing talent, problem-solving, and delivering tangible results.