The Center for Global Health Practice and Impact was founded in April 2019 by the Honorable Mark Dybul and Dr. Deus Bazira. Currently directed by Dr. Bazira, the vision of CGHPI is that our work will result in a world in which all countries assure conditions for achieving health equity.

Our Mission

CGHPI serves countries to sustainably improve their population’s health and wellbeing and safeguard against health-related threats by advancing use of evidence through human-centered enterprise architecture for achievement of equity and social justice.

Our People

We are a global, multi-disciplinary team of committed faculty experts, practitioners, staff, partners, and affiliates, serving throughout the world.

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Our Work

In partnership with governments and local organizations, CGHPI co-designs interventions with stakeholders in our focus areas.

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CGHPI – In The News

Selected Resource: White Paper: COVID 19: A Global Pandemic Deserves a Global Response

Nov 4- “CGHPI participates in Pandemic Treaty Report”

O’Neill Institute

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Sept 16- Police Service Clinics Cater for 150 Locals Daily

Bahle Gama

Eswatini Observer

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Sept 21- “Africa CDC official: Undelivered COVID-19 vaccine pledges ‘not useful’”

Jenny Lei Ravelo; Mark Dybul- mentioned


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More CGHPI News

To strengthen health security in Nigeria, the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact and, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control in collaboration with other partners carried out health security assessment of International Health Regulations core capacities at the subnational levels in Enugu State (as a pilot State).