In Haiti we provide support for achieving HIV epidemic control and limiting the impact of COVID-19. This includes implementing an outreach system for tracking and returning to care disengaged clients and enhancing the retention of care; creating a peer-led project for quality assurance and retention support through Persons Living with HIV Associations (PLHIVAs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs); providing income-generating activities to vulnerable HIV clients and establishing  new differentiated services delivery models via peer-led community adherence groups (PCAGs); and securing drug dispensing points for community-based antiretroviral pick-up while  integrating a platform to ensure real-time drug delivery and ability to monitor clients’ subscriptions and drug dispensing. We also support increasing COVID-19 vaccination awareness and uptake among the general population by increasing the number of vaccination points, and gathering community data and information on perspectives, attitudes, and beliefs on COVID-19 infection and vaccination.