Ms. Louise Sarafina Chervil

Ms.Chervil ensures continuous monitoring of clients’ appointments and updates with clients and sites of enrollments as a Retention & Longitudinal Care Officer. She uses appropriate cohort retention strategies in order to ensure fidelity and timely drug pickup. She also evaluates clients’ satisfaction with DDP services, which gives her the opportunity to positively impact outcomes in the care of the clients. She is also supporting the promotion and marketing team of the Differentiated Service Delivery Models project.

Ms.Chervil’s educational background includes a diploma in Computer networking. She was certified in other fields, such as Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in healthcare, Monitoring and Surveillance Camera, and Telephone Troubleshooting. She is currently learning computer programming online.

Prior to her role, Ms. Chervil Additionally assisted many conferences on the Progress & Accelerate change through technology.