Mr. Steve Kretschmer, MBA

Steve Kretschmer

Steve Kretschmer, MBA, is the Human-centered Design Team Lead for the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact. In this role, Steve facilitates the Center’s work in helping countries transform how they go about reaching their goals through a better understanding of the needs, wants, and aspirations of their people.

Mr. Steve Kretschmer is also the founder and Executive Director of DesireLine, a consultancy designed to influence and evolve the Development sector to realize the transformational impact in improving the health and well-being of the world’s most vulnerable populations through a deep understanding of who they are and what they need and want by treating them as ‘customers’, rather than as beneficiaries.

In these roles, Mr. Steve Kretschmer networks, leads, and integrates the approaches of multidisciplinary teams representing expertise in behavioral, social, and data sciences, and human-centered design. A key function of its work is adapting the successful use of these disciplines from the commercial sector to effectively address development challenges, more sustainably.

Mr. Steve Kretschmer’s experience is originally grounded in 20+ years of commercial healthcare market research work consulting pharmaceutical, biotech, and device companies on understanding their patient markets, and provider and payor stakeholders to optimize prescribing, uptake, use, adherence, and formulary coverage for their products. Over the past 7 years, Mr. Steve Kretschmer has leveraged this experience to support governments, donors, and implementers to evolve their thinking and methods to realize greater impact, and through more sustainable approaches.

Mr. Steve Kretschmer holds an MBA from the Pennslyvania State University, focusing on Marketing and Organization Development, and BA from Thomas Aquinas College, majoring in Philosophy.