Mr. Ookeditse Ntwayagae

Mr. Ookeditse Ntwayagae is a Public Health Senior Technical Advisor for Health Informatics at the Botswana Public Health Institute.  He has over 9 years of experience in developing custom applications, utilizing a range of technologies, and designing comprehensive frameworks to guide the creation of healthcare solutions in Botswana.

Ookeditse has experience working with non-profit organizations. He has worked with the Botswana University of Maryland School of Medicine Health Initiative on the BISHOP (Botswana Information Systems for Health Interoperability) and ABLE (Accelerating Botswana through the Last Mile of Epidemic Control) Projects as a Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer where he specialized in harnessing data to improve healthcare outcomes, adhere to compliance standards, and ensure secure and efficient information exchange, build cost-effective solutions within the risk, cost, time, and scope constraints. He has also served as the Questionnaire Data Lead for the Botswana HIV/AIDS Impact Survey V (BAIS V) Project under the Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation in Botswana.

He has provided technical support to the Ministry of Health Botswana, Health Informatics department as a Senior Database Administrator on the BISHOP project to establish the National Healthcare Data Warehouse, where he applied his skills in formulating business processes and flows, business use cases, data pipelines, and project management.

Ookeditse holds a BSc (Honours) in Computer and IT Practice from the Open University, Milton Keynes, England, and a certificate in DHIS2 Design and Customization from HISP Uganda.