Dr. Sylvia Ojoo

Sylvia Ojoo

Dr. Sylvia A. Ojoo, MBChB, DTM&H, MRCP is a Resident Field Director, in East Africa for the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact, and Associate Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Over the past 11 years, Dr. Ojoo has led the development, implementation, and ensured the technical quality of large-scale HIV care and treatment programs across all levels of health institutions in Kenya, serving over 200,000 patients on antiretroviral treatment. In addition, she was responsible for leading the Ministry of Health in developing an innovative competency-based curriculum that has been adopted for HIV in-service training in Kenya and is set to cut the cost of training significantly, while ensuring health worker capacity to provide services is maintained.

Previously, Dr. Ojoo led and mentored a technical team of highly accomplished health professionals that have demonstrated capacity to improve clinical care delivery systems, the ability to equip other healthcare workers with skills and competences required for HIV and tuberculosis services provision and have subsequently become leaders in the field in Kenya. Additionally, she has served as a technical resource for HIV practice guidelines development internationally with the World Health Organization from 2004 to 2014, and locally in Kenya to date.