Dr. Rhinos Chekenyere, MBChB

Dr. Rhinos Chekenyere is a Senior Clinical Advisor at the Georgetown University Center for Global Health Practice and Impact in Eswatini. He is the Zonal Lead for Lubombo Zone 1 where he provides mentorship to health providers in 19 facilities, including clinical capacity building for HIV/TB prevention, care, and treatment service delivery.

Dr. Rhinos previously served as a Medical Officer for 18 years, 3 years in Zimbabwe, and 15 years in Eswatini. He has vast experience in managing HIV/TB patients having worked in the national ART program since 2006 as part of the first group of ART doctors for Eswatini. Through his leadership, Mankayane Government Hospital ART Clinic became one of the best-performing facilities in the country. The facility pioneered ART service decentralization in 2007. From 2017 to 2019 Dr Rhinos was the Senior Medical Officer for Mankayane Government Hospital, leading the facility to ISO 9001(2015) certification in 2018 as Chairperson of the Quality Management System Steering Committee. During that period, the hospital won the national first runner-up prize in the Ministry of Commerce Quality Awards. 

Dr. Rhinos holds an MBChB degree from the University of Zimbabwe.