Dr. Ibrahim Bola Gobir

Bola Gobir

Dr. Ibrahim Bola Gobir, MBBS, MSc, MA is a Field Resident Director for West and Central Africa for the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact, a CEO of GGH Nigeria, and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center. His background spans the fields of public health and comparative health systems. His specific interest is in advancing an evidence-based approach to the development of public policy that addresses community-level health and social problems. Drawing on a broad range of experience, he has also been involved in public health projects across Africa and the US, where he has served as project director and key personnel on major grants from various donors.

Dr. Gobir’s career has focused on infectious diseases, particularly HIV and tuberculosis, for which he has led programs involving training, care and treatment, and research in more than 16 states in Nigeria. In addition, he has created a niche for himself in the field of infectious disease program management, surveillance, epidemiology, strategic information, and health informatics by cultivating a team of unique experts in Nigeria. This team drives health informatics initiatives, including developing sustainable solutions currently being utilized for public health programs in Nigeria.

Dr. Gobir obtained his MBBS from the University of Ilorin in Nigeria, MSc in public health from the University of London, and MA in public health from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.