Our Pillars

Our work is centered on three key integrated areas— service, research, and education. These are our programs’ foundation, or our “pillars.”


CGHPI aims to strengthen health systems and adequately and sustainably deliver integrated health services that are patient/family-centered to meet current and future healthcare needs of populations and beneficiaries. We do this by providing countries and programs with the necessary technical assistance (through training, tools, and system and capacity enhancements) and programmatic support at various levels of health service management and care delivery.

We work collaboratively with national, regional, facility leadership, and communities to define objectives and co-design solutions. We adopt a whole-of-government approach to strengthening health systems, which is necessary for the sustainability and resilience of health services.


CGHPI conducts implementation research, program evaluations, and behavioral research to generate evidence on best practices for service delivery, interventions, and policies, and to create new knowledge. Our mission is to provide countries and programs with the necessary technical assistance to develop research questions that are locally derived and locally relevant. As a university, we utilize our diverse faculty to provide individual mentorship in research areas that are broad in scope and expertise. We strive to support the development of local research capacity in each location where we provide service.


CGHPI provides educational resources, training, and support to countries and programs with the necessary technical assistance (training, tools, and system and capacity enhancements) to adequately and sustainably provide integrated health services that meet the health care needs of their populations and beneficiaries, as required.

The Center collaborates with national, regional, and facility leadership, and with communities to define education objectives and co-design solutions. Our goal is to build a sustainable educational framework that facilitates ongoing professional and service development.