Senior Pharmaceutical and Supply Chain Advisor (Eswatini)

The Georgetown University Center for Global Health Practice and Impact (CGHPI) serves countries to improve their population health and well-being and to safeguard against health-related threats by advancing the use of evidence and human-centered enterprise architecture on the path towards achieving equity and social justice. To achieve this mission, we catalyze the uptake, spread, and implementation of innovations; triangulate data from different sources, and tailor visualization of the information for each audience; design and implement integrated service delivery models; support communities of practice to inform policy and practice through efficient data use and horizontal and vertical collaboration; disseminate best practices and evidence globally through open source learning networks; build global, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and interprofessional networks; undertake research that is informed by local needs; and invest in local leadership to own, provide oversight, and sustain implemented interventions.

The CGHPI has recently received an award from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through funding from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The program will support the Kingdom of Eswatini to provide comprehensive, quality assured care, treatment and prevention HIV/TB services in Manzini and Lubombo regions. As a result, CGHPI is recruiting for the following position, and seeks exceptional individuals to join the team and further enrich our unique offerings.

Job Location:  Mbabane, Eswatini

Job Overview: 

The Senior Pharmaceutical and Supply Chain Advisor will ensure that all facilities have adequate commodities to meet the needs for patient care. In addition, the position holder will enhance the capacity of supply chain and pharmaceutical staff at the site level to effectively manage the commodity supply chain, adequately forecast for commodity needs, manage inventory efficiently, monitor and report utilization of all HIV and related commodities. Further, the Advisor will work with facility pharmacy staff to enhance pharmaceutical care practice and optimize the clinical-pharmacy interface.

Specific Duties

  • Augment competences of pharmacy staff for effective management of HIV/AIDS ARVs and related commodities
  • Augment competences of laboratory staff for effective management of HIV/AIDS test kits related reagents working collaboratively with program laboratory management specialist
  • Support sites to collect, analyze and report information related to drugs dispensed and other health care commodities at the facility level
  • Participate in training pharmaceutical and other health professionals in rational drug prescription, dispensing and use
  • Support sites to develop and implement targeted improvement plans as part of remediation action
  • Support sites to institutionalize Good Pharmacy Procedures
  • Support sites to improve forecasting for HIV/AIDS ARVs and related commodities needs
  • Support site pharmacy staff to develop and implement appropriate strategies to create a dependable health supply chain system for ARVs and related commodities to meet established demand
  • Liaise with existing national supply mechanisms to ensure facilities within the assigned region continuously receive HIV related commodities with no stock outs and ensure commodity utilization information from health facilities is submitted to regional and central level as per reporting requirements.
  • Working with data teams ensure concordance of patient information at the pharmacy with clinical information for all clients receiving anti-retroviral treatment at each facility.

Required Qualifications and Competencies

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy, with specialty training in health supply chain management     
  • At least 5 years’ experience in provision of pharmaceutical services for HIV services
  • Competence in pharmaceutical care and clinical pharmacy
  • Competence in supply chain management
  • Ability to train and function as a member of a multi-disciplinary team

To Apply:

Interested applicants should send a current CV, cover letter, and references to CGPHI at