Program Director

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Overall Responsibilities

The Program Director will lead and manage the technical implementation of project strategies and activities at the country level. S/He will provide direct oversight and hold responsibility for the execution and monitoring of program strategies and activities, ensuring deliverables and results are in line with the logic model. S/He will ensure; program implementation in line with the work plan; effective monitoring and evaluation with proper dissemination of results and findings; proper documentation and record keeping; open and constant communications between key stakeholders; maintenance of good client and stakeholder relationships; and effective coordination/synergy with other funder and implementing partner programs. The Program Director will also serve as the principal in-country institutional liaison with the CDC project office and will represent Georgetown University’s activities on the project in South Sudan.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Meet and manage donor expectations and ensure achievement of program goals targets and deliverables on time and within budget.
  2. Manage Client and Stakeholder Relationships, and build and maintain strong working relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, beneficiaries, and partners.
  3. Provide effective and timely responses to inquiries and concerns.
  4. Ensure that the financial, contractual, and technical integrity execution of the project is maintained and strengthened.
  5. Support development and execution of the program’s Evaluation and Performance Measurement Strategy, and annual program work plan as per contract/agreement requirements and approved budgets
  6. Ensure appropriate and timely documentation and dissemination of key results and deliverables for maximum program impact
  7. Ensure the implementation of a Financial Pipeline Tracking system for effective budget monitoring and cost control based on sound financial and accounting principles, and donor reporting requirements
  8. Drive and ensure synergies between different supporting IP programs as well as with other GU programs
  9. Work with MoH to strengthen TWGs for key areas, results & performance
  10. Collaborate with MoH to perform a review of existing policies, guidelines, and standards, determine gaps, and provide technical support to update and expedite implementation.
  11. Ensure program staffing, structure, and reporting relationships are aligned with program needs, local context, and available resources
  12. Participate actively in the training and retention of staff
  13. Help develop local and international networks to disseminate program results, attract talent, and enhance local laboratory capacity within South Sudan