Ms. Kathy Cyryca

Ms. Kathy Cyryca is the Director of Administration for the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact at Georgetown University Medical Center. Her role encompasses portfolio oversight, project implementation, program management, finance administration, human resource management, professional development, and mentorship within the center.

Ms. Cyryca has over 17 years of experience in management, leadership, mentorship, and administration of global health programs. She was one of the original staff members tasked with administration of a large Track 1.0 AIDSRelief program under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). This program, which was funded for more than $189 million, operated in 10 countries over 9 years. Subsequently she played a key management role in administration of the care and treatment, education, and research initiatives for related global programs over the following 8 years.

Ms. Cyryca’s key competencies are leadership of professional development, staff mentorship, quality management, financial management, and project implementation.