HRSA 19-039: Improving Ryan White Outcomes Using a Tiered Technical System Approach to HIV-STI Data Linkages


The HRSA 19-039 program provides technical assistance to participating jurisdictions in areas that improve HIV-STI data linkage and coordination for the purposes of enhancing data utility for engaging PLWH, specifically among Ryan White clients. Technical assistance for this program includes data management, data visualization, business process development, and communication/collaboration enhancement. Georgetown University developed tailored technical assistance plans for each of the four participating based on a preliminary needs assessment. These plans are continuously updated to accommodate shifting needs and priorities.

Target Achievements:


Technical Working Group A: Development of Central Linkage
Data Warehouse to Enhance Availability of Timely, Comprehensive

Technical Working Group B: Design, Test, Implement, and Publish
Data Dashboard to Inform Prevention, Outreach, and

Technical Working Group C: HIV/RW Provider Collaboration
Building to Enhance Care Provision Capacity


Technical Working Group A/B: Enhancing HIV and STD Data
Sharing and Collaboration

Technical Working Group C: Enhancing Data to Care coordination
via state-county-RW Part A program collaboration and data

Washington, D.C.

Technical Working Group A: Documentation of Data Systems,
Processes, and Structures within SID & CTD

Technical Working Group B: Defining Parameters and
Mechanisms for Data Sharing between SID & CTD

Technical Working Group C: DevelopingSynergy between SID
and CTD in D2C Efforts


Technical Working Group A: Document and Formalize all
SHHPData System Processes and Data Flows

Technical Working Group B: LA Linkage Database: Transition
away from Access

Technical Working Group C: Utilizing Ryan White Data in Linkage
to Care Efforts