Health Services Outcomes Improvement Lead (Research Faculty)

The Georgetown University Center for Global Health Practice and Impact (CGHPI) serves countries to improve their population health and well-being and to safeguard against health-related threats by advancing the use of evidence and human-centered enterprise architecture on the path towards achieving equity and social justice. To achieve this mission, we catalyze the uptake, spread, and implementation of innovations; triangulate data from different sources, and tailor visualization of the information for each audience; design and implement integrated service delivery models; support communities of practice to inform policy and practice through efficient data use and horizontal and vertical collaboration; disseminate best practices and evidence globally through open source learning networks; build global, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and interprofessional networks; undertake research that is informed by local needs; and invest in local leadership to own, provide oversight, and sustain implemented interventions.

Job Overview
The Health Services Outcomes Improvement Lead (HSOI Lead) will be the thought leader for designing interventions and models for health care improvement including continuous quality improvement and data use to support the center’s global health programs. The position holder will further ensure that care systems, processes and standards for integrated delivery, communities of practice, collaborative learning and improvement initiatives are institutionalized throughout all field programs reflecting local and international best practice. In addition, the position holder will support field offices to develop and implement remediation strategies following continuous performance assessments. Further, the position holder will pursue implementation science research initiatives in line with technical area competences earlier identified and will actively pursue new programs (public health and research) and endeavor to publish works that further learning and professional development.

Work Interactions
The HSOI Lead will report to the Co-Director of the center, and engage with other members of the CGHPI team, including the Center Executive Director, Principal Investigators, Field Project Directors, Technical Project Managers, Program Quality Improvement and Data Use Portfolio Lead, and other Program, and Center Staff.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
* Lead development of interventions and support field implementation of site-specific remediation and improvement plans throughout the center programs
* Generate ideas that align to ever changing field of global health through visualization of the problems from different angles and identifying patterns that link unrelated subjects for synergy.
* Engage and support field offices to utilize program and patient related data and information to improve outcomes, inform policy and practice
* Develop metrics and tools to support policy and impact assessments specifically as it relates to health care improvement initiatives
* Capture value and improved outcomes through a defined evaluation process (either through implementation science and or research) working collaboratively with other center faculty and staff.
* Improve the systematic collection, growth, and use of evidence of what works in public health.
* Identify and disseminate existing best practices through known country specific structures.
* Develop and institutionalize health care improvement initiatives in all field offices and work tirelessly to engage local ministries of health, policy makers, health care providers and communities through organized Communities of Practice to adopt a culture of data use and evidence-driven program implementation
* Work with faculty and program technical staff within the center to develop models and interventions for collaborative care and learning healthcare networks
* Work with the center staff and faculty to develop innovative efficient models for integrated delivery, patient-centeredness and support rapid spread, scale up and implementation of these models.
* Support national level training activities as an expert resource
* Actively contribute in developing new programs through proposal writing and new program design and start up
* Directly support full implementation of specific programs and/or countries as assigned by the Center Co-Directors
* Develop practical tools to guide field programs in implementation of Health Care Improvement and Health Outcomes Measurement initiatives
* Develop and implement a strategy for performance benchmarking across field offices and programs
* Develop an in-house training and mentorship program to enhance field office employees in the technical care areas of health care improvement. This will among other things include the science of improvement methodology.
* Support program Performance Dashboard Review exercises in different countries and support the process of institutionalizing the practice for sustainability
* Participate in national level Technical Working Groups and Committees as content expert as requested
* Endeavor to publish articles and manuscripts to further the mission of the center and requirements for professional development

Requirements and Qualifications
* PhD in Health Services Management/Quality Improvement, or MD, PharmD, PhD (Nursing) or equivalent with post graduate training in Health Care Improvement, Health Services and Outcomes Research
* Certification in business process improvement such as CQI, Six Sigma etc., will be an added advantage
* At least 5 years doing similar work in a health care setting
* At least 5 years working in global health
* Familiarity with science of improvement and measurement methods
* Experience planning and managing health care improvement projects

To Apply
Interested applicants should send a current CV, cover letter, and references to CGHPI at