Electronic Specimen Tracking System for NCDC


The sTRAC system is a solution comprising of a web-based and mobile application that tracks laboratory samples in close to real-time as they are collected and the progress through the delivery cycle to their destination laboratories while, documenting individual interaction with each sample. Once a sample is collected, they will be monitored, allowing both the dispatch laboratory and the destination laboratory to maintain inventory.


The objective of this project is to develop and operationalize an electronic sample tracking system tagged sTRAC for NCDC. 

The system consists of two main components:

  • Collection & Labelling – Once a sample is collected, key details of the specimen, including the source, destination laboratory information and patient information are entered into the sTRAC software making the specimen unique and identifiable. 
  • Tracking/Monitoring – As the sample travels through each point, the transporter uses sTRAC software to enter a unique ID assigned to the specimen which then updates the current location and status. The sTRAC software synchronizes with the server database which can then be accessed by laboratory personnel and other users who have been granted permission. The access provides them built-in dashboards which display close to real-time update on the sample movement. These components work together to track samples as they are transferred from the source to the destination laboratory. This ensures constant visibility of the specimen’s location throughout the diagnostic process.

The system has been presented to NCDC Lab team and NCDC Leadership. The system has also been deployed and piloted in Niger state and is currently in the phase of rolling out to more states.

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Key Personnel
  • Ochanya Sonia Ogbeh: Health Informatics and Data Specialist 
  • Kingsley Njoku: Laboratory Specialist 
  • Savannah Health System Innovations Limited 
Geography of Work & Beneficiaries 

Nigeria: sTRAC benefits the national sample referral network as relevant stakeholders can keep track of samples close to real time.