Director of Strategic Information, Monitoring, and Evaluation

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Overall Responsibilities

The Director of Monitoring & Evaluation will oversee the execution and management of the Evaluation and Performance Measurement Plan including all M&E components of the program and will lead the design and execution of the program’s strategic information plan – which will be derived by establishing the necessary data and information gathering processes, tools and resources needed to achieve the program EPMP, work plan, and overall goals and objectives.

S/He will be responsible for the appropriation/design and implementation of the monitoring, evaluation, and reporting (MER) systems that support program implementation in-country and includes appropriate indicators, baseline data, targets, and a plan to evaluate performance and produce timely, accurate, and complete reporting. The position will work with CDC in the post-award period to develop a strong M&E plan consistent with the donor’s results framework and ensure appropriate resourcing of the EPMP once project implementation commences. S/He will coordinate the collection of data including conducting field visits for data validation, monitoring the quality and completeness of data sets, contributing to the development of the program, and documenting program performance against established outputs and indicators. S/He will also provide TA to the National Programs for continuous collection, analysis, interpretation, and use of data for evaluation, performance and needs, epidemic monitoring, and public health action. S/He will also support county teams and personnel to build the capacity of supported facilities and other stakeholders in the collection, utilization, and dissemination of data as well as ensuring that all monitoring and data collection activities are harmonized and information is appropriately shared.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee design, revision, and working with CDC, approval of the program EPMP
  2. Maintain oversight for implementation and monitoring of all M&E activities for the program
  3. Develop a robust M&E approach that tracks immediate, intermediate, and long-term outcomes and the impact of program activities
  4. Support the conduct of M&E/SI training and workshops
  5. Work with the PD to establish networks for collaboration between CDC, other stakeholders and donors, academia, research institutes, and other CDC-funded programs to identify key performance priorities and utilize existing data/information to plan, monitor, and evaluate programs – especially those related to epidemic-prone diseases
  6. Provide inputs to the technical team and assist in developing program goals and objectives as well as MER tools and strategies, and provide strategic input for decisions on program performance and direction
  7. Provide regular reports on the status of implementation against program goals and objectives to the PI, PD, CDC, and other program managers as required
  8. Collaborate with the program team in identifying program activities, processes, and/or outcomes that are worthy of transfer and design a system for capturing lessons learned and best practices
  9. Conduct needs assessment of MOH/State/Facility data collection systems and capacity. 4|Page
  1. Lead data analysis and visualization at all levels of its utilization including dissemination to key stakeholders in order to drive data-based national policy formulation and implementation.
  2. Develop and implement capacity building assistance plan, including TA for enhancing data collection capacity by country-based entities.
  3. Conduct supportive supervision site visits to improve data collection, DQA, and general data management.
  4. Enhance data linkage to other linked client-level data systems (e.g., national data repositories, electronic medical records, laboratory information systems, CBS systems).
  5. Provide TA to MOH to update strategic plans, guidance, tools, and templates according to local context and policies.
  6. Perform any other duties that may be assigned