Nov 29- “We can build on 15 years of US leadership in the global AIDS response”

Charles Holmes

The Hill

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Nov 23- “Continuing the Fight Against One of the World’s Oldest Diseases”

Mark Dybul

Media Planet (USA Today Supplement)

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Oct 29- “Opinion: The White House foreign aid review is long overdue. Here’s how to get reform right”

Mark Dybul, Rob Mosbacher, John Danilovich


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Fall/Winter 2018- “Mobility & Migration”

Mark Dybul and Susan Kim

Georgetown Medicine

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July 9- “Dr. Charles Holmes in Event on Global Health Diplomacy”

BiPartisan Policy Center; Charles Holmes- mentioned

BiPartisan Policy Center

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June 15- “Invest in youth, not another big institution, says Mark Dybul​”

Jenny Lei Ravelo; Mark Dybul- mentioned


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May 7- “The Gathering Health Storm Inside North Korea”

Stephen Morrison, Victor Cha, Mark Dybul, et al.

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

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April 25- “World at risk of losing control of HIV and AIDS epidemic, PEPFAR architect says”

Teresa Welsh; Mark Dybul- mentioned


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Jan 12- “Researchers Offer New Model for Uncovering True HIV Mortality Rates in Zambia”

Georgetown University Medical Center; CGHPI- mentioned

GU Medical Center

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